World Traveler • Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)• Family Nurse Practitioner • Correctional Health 

Dr. Nurse LA

Wow!! What are the odds... I waited until I obtained a doctorate degree to start running in and out of jail! The hood would never believe I go to jail everyday and walk out a free woman each time like a Boss! It’s like I’ve got my own personal get out of jail free card!

Once the guards unlock the gates and set me free, I roam one of the most coveted cities in the world.... LA!! And if I can manage to stay away from jail long enough I'll even hop a continent and explore a country or two.

I guess you could say I’m doing time the legal way... as a Correctional Health Nurse Practitioner and  Doctor of Nursing. Come along on this journey with me as I document the time I spend in jail and the time I’m free. My Jail name is Dr. Price, but you can just call me....


(Leave the “Respek” on my name lol 😜)


My blog will be unapologetically me! In addition to world traveler meets  local guide, It will be the perfect combination of street smart meets  book smart. The point at which humility meets comedy, trap music meets  Christianity and encouragement meets reality


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